Feb 15, 2018

Updated Feb 16, 2018

be Confident  

Being a Confident & Informed Home Buyer can mean the difference in having a great experience or having a horrible experience in purchasing a home. 

You might be saying, "Well that's great, but HOW do I become a Confident & Informed Home Buyer?".

Let's take a look at what's involved with becoming a Confident & Informed Home Buyer.....

To start, buying a home could be the single largest investment you’ll make and like a good marriage, when it’s the right one, it could last a lifetime. We’ve all heard of buyers’ remorse and you sure don’t want it. Sometimes buyers’ remorse can actually lead to buyers’ inactivity, because they become afraid, so they do nothing. They shop, they see, and even put in offers but they don’t close. If you’re a serious buyer, you don’t want to get stuck in the cycle of looking but never owning. 

So, how can you be confident that the home you’re buying will meet your needs? Start with some basic guidelines by making a list of your must-haves, needs, and wants. Even though these are three different categories, some things on your list may overlap but after your list is started, you’ll begin to see what really matters to you. After reviewing your list and financial situation you may revise your home-buying desires and start house-hunting all over again. 

Next, think about the home or apartment that you’re currently living in to identify the positive aspects and the things you absolutely can’t stand? Taking stock of what is working and what isn’t in your current home. This provides a good blueprint for the things you should consider when searching for your next home. Remember, be honest, sentimental value of a home sometimes causes us to forget the bad thongs. If you look at your current home with a critical eye, you’ll see which areas caused a big headache so you can be sure you don’t buy another with the same issues.

For example, maybe the home needs a lot of fixing up and you’ve barely survived the remodel without causing issues. You might then want to search for homes in much better condition to limit the fixing up. Our minds tend to forget the bad, once the bad is over, but these memories come flooding back once you’re back in the same situation again. 

Do your homework and get everyone who will be living in the home to give feedback by discussing what’s important. Sounds obvious…but guess what? A lot of times Buyers don’t even talk about what’s really important to each other until they start searching for homes. Then you both realize how different your views and expectations are and see the necessity to compromise a little. Time should be better spent reviewing and discussing it first, that way, your agent can make sure the properties you’re looking at are in line with everyone’s desires. 

Finally, plan ahead, especially if you’re moving a family or you’re moving in with someone else. A synchronized calendar, like Google, could help with the meetings and showings. Plan, schedule, and commit. This will assure that the home-buying process will be a success!!

Nick Paul, Qualifying Broker / Owner
Nick Paul
Qualifying Broker / Owner
As founding member of Dei Gratia Real Estate LLC, Nick's vision was to build a full-service real estate investment and solutions company. With over 10 years experience in real estate brokerage and investment, Nick has the knowledge and experience his clients rely on when buying, selling or investing. Nick prides himself with being detail oriented and going above and beyond with any task that he is faced with.

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